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Packages that use OptimizedSessionPersistedObject
org.apache.tapestry5 Root package for Tapestry, containing common interfaces and data types used throughout the framework. 
org.apache.tapestry5.alerts Support for a standard way of presenting alerts to the user, via the AlertManager service combined with the Alerts component. [INTERNAL USE ONLY] internal service classes; API subject to change 
org.apache.tapestry5.tree Classes and interfaces used by the Tree component 

Uses of OptimizedSessionPersistedObject in org.apache.tapestry5

Classes in org.apache.tapestry5 that implement OptimizedSessionPersistedObject
 class BaseOptimizedSessionPersistedObject
          Base implementation of OptimizedSessionPersistedObject.
 class ValidationTrackerImpl
          Standard implementation of ValidationTracker.

Uses of OptimizedSessionPersistedObject in org.apache.tapestry5.alerts

Classes in org.apache.tapestry5.alerts that implement OptimizedSessionPersistedObject
 class AlertStorage
          A stateless session object used to store Alerts between requests.

Uses of OptimizedSessionPersistedObject in

Methods in with parameters of type OptimizedSessionPersistedObject
 boolean OptimizedSessionPersistedObjectAnalyzer.checkAndResetDirtyState(OptimizedSessionPersistedObject sessionPersistedObject)

Uses of OptimizedSessionPersistedObject in org.apache.tapestry5.tree

Classes in org.apache.tapestry5.tree that implement OptimizedSessionPersistedObject
 class DefaultTreeExpansionModel<T>
          Manages a Set of String TreeNode ids.
 class DefaultTreeSelectionModel<T>
          Default implementation of TreeSelectionModel.

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