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Packages that use SelectModel
org.apache.tapestry5.corelib.pages The set of core pages available in all Tapestry applications 
org.apache.tapestry5.internal [INTERNAL USE ONLY] internal support classes; API subject to change. [INTERNAL USE ONLY] internal service classes; API subject to change Core services 
org.apache.tapestry5.util A set of enums, abstract classs and wrappers of various purposes 

Uses of SelectModel in org.apache.tapestry5.corelib.pages

Methods in org.apache.tapestry5.corelib.pages that return SelectModel
 SelectModel PropertyEditBlocks.getSelectModelForProperty()
          Provide a select mode for an enum type.

Uses of SelectModel in org.apache.tapestry5.internal

Classes in org.apache.tapestry5.internal that implement SelectModel
 class SelectModelImpl

Methods in org.apache.tapestry5.internal that return SelectModel
<E> SelectModel
TapestryInternalUtils.toSelectModel(List<E> input)
          Wraps the result of TapestryInternalUtils.toOptionModels(List) as a SelectModel (with no option groups).
<K,V> SelectModel
TapestryInternalUtils.toSelectModel(Map<K,V> input)
          Wraps the result of TapestryInternalUtils.toOptionModels(Map) as a SelectModel (with no option groups).
static SelectModel TapestryInternalUtils.toSelectModel(String input)
          Wraps the result of TapestryInternalUtils.toOptionModels(String) as a SelectModel (with no option groups).

Uses of SelectModel in

Methods in that return SelectModel
 SelectModel SelectModelFactoryImpl.create(List<?> objects, String labelProperty)
 SelectModel LocalizationSetterImpl.getSupportedLocalesModel()

Uses of SelectModel in

Methods in that return SelectModel
 SelectModel SelectModelFactory.create(List<?> objects, String labelProperty)
          Creates a SelectModel from a list of objects of the same type and a label property name.
 SelectModel LocalizationSetter.getSupportedLocalesModel()
          Returns the supported locales packaged as a model.

Uses of SelectModel in org.apache.tapestry5.util

Classes in org.apache.tapestry5.util that implement SelectModel
 class AbstractSelectModel
          Base class for SelectModel implementations, whose primary job is to provide the AbstractSelectModel.visit(SelectModelVisitor) method.
 class EnumSelectModel
          A basic select model for a particular Enum type.

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