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org.apache.tapestry5.internal.transform [INTERNAL USE ONLY] component class transformation implementation classes; API subject to change. [INTERNAL USE ONLY] Tapestry IOC service implementation classes; API subject to change. Tapestry IOC service interfaces JSON services Core services 

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static CoercionTuple<ComponentClassTransformWorker,ComponentClassTransformWorker2> CCTWToCCTW2Coercion.TUPLE

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Constructor parameters in with type arguments of type CoercionTuple
TypeCoercerImpl(Collection<CoercionTuple> tuples)

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Methods in that return CoercionTuple
<S,T> CoercionTuple<S,T>
CoercionTuple.create(Class<S> sourceType, Class<T> targetType, Coercion<S,T> coercion)
          Convenience constructor to help with generics.

Method parameters in with type arguments of type CoercionTuple
static void TapestryIOCModule.provideBasicTypeCoercions(Configuration<CoercionTuple> configuration)
          Contributes a set of standard type coercions to the TypeCoercer service: Object to String Object to Boolean String to Double String to BigDecimal BigDecimal to Double Double to BigDecimal String to BigInteger BigInteger to Long String to Long Long to Byte Long to Short Long to Integer Double to Long Double to Float Float to Double Long to Double String to Boolean ("false" is always false, other non-blank strings are true) Number to Boolean (true if number value is non zero) Null to Boolean (always false) Collection to Boolean (false if empty) Object[] to List primitive[] to List Object to List (by wrapping as a singleton list) String to File String to TimeInterval TimeInterval to Long Object to Object[] (wrapping the object as an array) Collection to Object[] (via the toArray() method) Flow to List Flow to Boolean (false if empty)

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Method parameters in with type arguments of type CoercionTuple
static void JSONModule.provideCoercions(Configuration<CoercionTuple> configuration)
           String to JSONObject String to JSONArray

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Method parameters in with type arguments of type CoercionTuple
static void TapestryModule.contributeTypeCoercer(Configuration<CoercionTuple> configuration, TypeCoercer coercer, ThreadLocale threadLocale, AssetSource assetSource, ComponentClassCache classCache, DynamicTemplateParser dynamicTemplateParser)
          Adds coercions: String to SelectModel Map to SelectModel Collection to GridDataSource null to GridDataSource List to SelectModel ComponentResourcesAware (typically, a component) to ComponentResources ComponentResources to PropertyOverrides String to Renderable Renderable to Block String to DateFormat String to Resource (via AssetSource.resourceForPath(String)) Renderable to RenderCommand String to Pattern String to DateFormat ComponentClassTransformWorker to ComponentClassTransformWorker2 InjectionProvider to InjectionProvider2 Resource to DynamicTemplate Asset to Resource ValueEncoder to ValueEncoderFactory

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