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Packages that use ThunkCreator [INTERNAL USE ONLY] Tapestry IOC service implementation classes; API subject to change. Tapestry IOC service interfaces 

Uses of ThunkCreator in

Classes in that implement ThunkCreator
 class ThunkCreatorImpl

Constructors in with parameters of type ThunkCreator
LazyAdvisorImpl(ThunkCreator thunkCreator)
ParallelExecutorImpl(ExecutorService executorService, ThunkCreator thunkCreator, PerthreadManager perthreadManager)

Uses of ThunkCreator in

Methods in with parameters of type ThunkCreator
static ParallelExecutor TapestryIOCModule.buildDeferredExecution(int coreSize, int maxSize, int keepAliveMillis, boolean threadPoolEnabled, int queueSize, PerthreadManager perthreadManager, RegistryShutdownHub shutdownHub, ThunkCreator thunkCreator)

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