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Packages that use Ajax [INTERNAL USE ONLY] internal service classes; API subject to change Core services 

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Constructor parameters in with annotations of type Ajax
AjaxComponentEventRequestHandler(RequestPageCache cache, Request request, PageRenderQueue queue, ComponentEventResultProcessor resultProcessor, PageActivator pageActivator, PageContentTypeAnalyzer pageContentTypeAnalyzer, Environment environment, AjaxPartialResponseRenderer partialRenderer)
AjaxComponentInstanceEventResultProcessor(RequestPageCache cache, ComponentEventResultProcessor masterProcessor)
AjaxFilter(Request request, ComponentEventRequestHandler ajaxHandler)
AjaxLinkComponentEventResultProcessor(ComponentEventResultProcessor masterProcessor)
AjaxPageClassComponentEventResultProcessor(ComponentSource componentSource, ComponentEventResultProcessor masterProcessor)
AjaxPageNameComponentEventResultProcessor(ComponentEventResultProcessor masterProcessor, LinkSource linkSource)

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Methods in with annotations of type Ajax
static void TapestryModule.provideBaseAjaxComponentEventResultProcessors(MappedConfiguration<Class,ComponentEventResultProcessor> configuration)
          Contributes handlers for the following types: Object Failure case, added to provide more useful exception message RenderCommand Typically, a Block Component Renders the component and its body (unless its a page, in which case a redirect JSON response is sent) JSONObject or JSONArray The JSONObject is returned as a text/javascript response StreamResponse The stream response is sent as the actual response String Interprets the value as a logical page name and sends a client response to redirect to that page Link Sends a JSON response to redirect to the link Class Treats the class as a page class and sends a redirect for a page render for that page MultiZoneUpdate Sends a single JSON response to update the content of multiple zones

In most cases, when you want to support a new type, you should convert it to one of the built-in supported types (such as RenderCommand.


Method parameters in with annotations of type Ajax
 void TapestryModule.contributeComponentEventRequestHandler(OrderedConfiguration<ComponentEventRequestFilter> configuration, RequestSecurityManager requestSecurityManager, ComponentEventRequestHandler ajaxHandler)
          Contributes filters: Ajax Determines if the request is Ajax oriented, and redirects to an alternative handler if so ImmediateRender When immediate action response rendering is enabled, generates the markup response (instead of a page redirect response, which is the normal behavior) Secure Sends a redirect if an non-secure request accesses a secure page

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