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Packages that use MethodInvocationResult [INTERNAL USE ONLY] internal service classes; API subject to change Core services 

Uses of MethodInvocationResult in

Classes in that implement MethodInvocationResult
 class MethodInvocationFailResult
          Implementation of MethodInvocationResult for failed invocations (where a checked exception was thrown).
 class MethodInvocationSuccessfulResult
          Implementation of MethodInvocationResult for successful method invocations.

Methods in that return MethodInvocationResult
protected  MethodInvocationResult exception)
protected  MethodInvocationResult AbstractMethodAccess.success(Object result)

Uses of MethodInvocationResult in

Methods in that return MethodInvocationResult
 MethodInvocationResult MethodAccess.invoke(Object target, Object... arguments)
          Deprecated. Invoke the method on the target, passing a number of arguments to the method.

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