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Packages that use StackTraceElementAnalyzer [INTERNAL USE ONLY] internal service classes; API subject to change Core services 

Uses of StackTraceElementAnalyzer in

Classes in that implement StackTraceElementAnalyzer
 class ApplicationStackTraceElementAnalyzer
          Identifies frames for application classes.
 class PrefixCheckStackTraceElementAnalyzer
          Checks to see if a class has a given prefix to its class name.
 class ProxiesStackTraceElementAnalyzer
          Identifies frames for various proxy classes (class name starts with a '$' and there's no line number.
 class RegexpStackTraceElementAnalyzer
          Uses a regular expression to identify which CSS class to apply to a frame.
 class SyntheticStackTraceElementAnalyzer
          Identifies any code associated with line 1 as omitted (i.e., it's a synthetic method related to an inner class).
 class TapestryAOPStackFrameAnalyzer
          Encapsulates a number of tests for identifying stack frames that are a side-effect of various Tapestry Aspect Oriented Programming and other code generation behaviors.

Uses of StackTraceElementAnalyzer in

Methods in that return StackTraceElementAnalyzer
 StackTraceElementAnalyzer TapestryModule.buildMasterStackTraceElementAnalyzer(List<StackTraceElementAnalyzer> configuration)

Method parameters in with type arguments of type StackTraceElementAnalyzer
 StackTraceElementAnalyzer TapestryModule.buildMasterStackTraceElementAnalyzer(List<StackTraceElementAnalyzer> configuration)
static void TapestryModule.contributeMasterStackTraceElementAnalyzer(OrderedConfiguration<StackTraceElementAnalyzer> configuration)
          Contributes: Application Checks for classes in the application package Proxies Checks for classes that appear to be generated proxies. SunReflect Checks for sun.reflect (which are omitted) TapestryAOP Omits stack frames for classes related to Tapestry AOP (such as advice, etc.) OperationTracker Omits stack frames related to OperationTracker

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