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Packages that use MetaWorker [INTERNAL USE ONLY] metadata support classes; API subject to change Core services 

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 class MetaWorkerImpl

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Methods in with parameters of type MetaWorker
static void TapestryModule.provideTransformWorkers(OrderedConfiguration<ComponentClassTransformWorker2> configuration, MetaWorker metaWorker, ComponentClassResolver resolver)
          Adds a number of standard component class transform workers: Parameter Identifies parameters based on the Parameter annotation BindParameter Support for the BindParameter annotation Property Generates accessor methods if Property annotation is present Import Supports the Import annotation UnclaimedField Manages unclaimed fields, storing their value in a PerThreadValue OnEvent Handle the @OnEvent annotation, and related naming convention RenderCommand Ensures all components also implement RenderCommand SupportsInformalParameters Checks for the annotation RenderPhase Link in render phase methods Retain Allows fields to retain their values between requests Meta Checks for meta data annotations and adds it to the component model PageActivationContext Support for PageActivationContext annotation DiscardAfter Support for DiscardAfter method annotation MixinAfter Support for the MixinAfter mixin class annotation PageReset Checks for the PageReset annotation Mixin Adds a mixin as part of a component's implementation Cached Checks for the Cached annotation ActivationRequestParameter Support for the ActivationRequestParameter annotation PageLoaded, PageAttached, PageDetached Support for annotations PageLoaded, PageAttached, PageDetached InjectService Handles the InjectService annotation Component Defines embedded components based on the Component annotation Environment Allows fields to contain values extracted from the Environment service ApplicationState Converts fields that reference application state objects Persist Allows fields to store their their value persistently between requests via Persist SessionAttribute Support for the SessionAttribute Log Checks for the Log annotation HeartbeatDeferred Support for the HeartbeatDeferred annotation, which defers method invocation to the end of the Heartbeat Inject Used with the Inject annotation, when a value is supplied

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