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org.apache.tapestry5.upload.components Tapestry-upload module components [INTERNAL USE ONLY] support services for the Tapestry-upload module; API subject to change Services for the Tapestry-upload module 

Uses of UploadedFile in org.apache.tapestry5.upload.components

Methods in org.apache.tapestry5.upload.components that return UploadedFile
 UploadedFile Upload.getValue()

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Classes in that implement UploadedFile
 class UploadedFileItem
          Implentation of UploadedFile for FileItems.

Methods in that return UploadedFile
 UploadedFile MultipartDecoderImpl.getFileUpload(String parameterName)

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Methods in that return UploadedFile
 UploadedFile MultipartDecoder.getFileUpload(String parameterName)

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