Chapter 3. Tapestry Components

Table of Contents

Parameters and Bindings
Connected Parameters
Formal vs. Informal Parameters
Embedded Components
HTML Templates
Localizing sections of a template
Components with Bodies
Tapestry and HTML Production
Implicitly removed bodies
Explicitly removed bodies
Limiting template content
Localization with Strings
Localization with Templates
Helper Beans

Tapestry components are "black boxes" that are involved with both rendering HTML responses and responding to HTTP requests.

A Tapestry component is defined by its specification. The specification is an XML file that defines the type of the component, it parameters, the template used by the component, any components embedded within it and how they are 'wired up', and (less often) any assets used by the component.

At runtime, the specification is used to identify and instantiate a class for the component. When the page containing the component is rendered, the component will access its HTML template to find the static HTML and embedded components it will render.