<component-specification> element

root element

Defines a new component, in terms of its API (<parameter>s), embedded components, beans and assets.

The structure of a <component-specification> is very similar to a <page-specification> except components have additional attributes and elements related to parameters.

Figure B.10. <component-specification> Attributes

NameTypeRequired ?Default ValueDescription
classstringyes The Java class to instantiate, which must implement the interface IComponent. Typically, this is BaseComponent or a subclass of it.

If yes, then any body for this component, from its containing page or component's template, is retained and may be produced using a RenderBody component.

If no, then any body for this component is discarded.

allow-informal-parametersyes|no noyes

If yes, then any informal parameters (bindings that don't match a formal parameter) specified here, or in the component's tag within its container's template, are retained. Typically, they are converted into additional HTML attributes.

If no, then informal parameters are not allowed in the specification, and discarded if in the template.

Figure B.11. <component-specification> Elements