Changes Report

Release History

4.1Aug 1 2006
4.0.1March 15 2006
4.0Jan 6 2006
4.0-rc-3Dec 27 2005
4.0-rc-2Dec 18 2005
4.0-rc-1Dec 6 2005
4.0-beta-13Nov 12 2005
4.0-beta-12Oct 30 2005
4.0-beta-11Oct 16 2005
4.0-beta-10Oct 8 2005
4.0-beta-9Oct 1 2005
4.0-beta-8Sep 24 2005
4.0-beta-7Sep 17 2005
4.0-beta-6Sep 7 2005
4.0-beta-5Aug 26 2005
4.0-beta-4Aug 10 2005
4.0-beta-3Jul 22 2005
4.0-beta-2Jul 9 2005
4.0-beta-1Jun 24 2005
4.0-alpha-3May 16 2005
4.0-alpha-2May 5 2005
3.0.3Mar 26 2005
3.1-alpha-1Feb 21 2005
3.0.2Feb 14 2005
3.0.1Oct 16 2004
3.0Apr 18 2004
3.0-rc-3Apr 7 2004
3.0-rc-2Apr 1 2004
3.0-rc-1Mar 15 2004
3.0-beta-4Feb 5 2004

Release 4.1.1 - unreleased


Release 4.1 - Aug 1 2006

updateCleaned up warnings/imports showing on eclipse problem pane.JK
addResourceMatcher service added with configurable regexp pattern hivemind contributions to conditionally allow some resources to not require md5sum digest checks.JK
addAdded japanese localized validator strings. Thanks to Takashi Okamoto.JK
updateCleaned up warnings/imports showing on eclipse problem pane.JK
addResourceMatcher service added with configurable regexp pattern hivemind contributions to conditionally allow some resources to not require md5sum digest checks.JK
addAdded japanese localized validator strings. Thanks to Takashi Okamoto.JK
fixPort late bug fixes from 4.0 branch to trunkHLS
updateAdd a checkstyle configuration for the project, and fix a number of related warnings and errorsHLS
addAdded a new utility implementation of IPropertySelectionModel that uses commons-beanutils to select values from a standard POJO object. Thanks to Gabriel Handford.JK
addApplied patch that adds enhanced hivemind autowiring of services to components/pages. Thanks to James Carman.JK
updateAdded isReadOnly method to EnhancementOperation interface to support discovering properties without having to throw exceptions.JK
fixAsset service incorrectly calculating expiration time, was causing numeric overflow operations. Thanks to Marcel Juffermans.JK
addChanged data squeezer to be a pipeline, allowing for a more flexible contribution/configuration. Thanks to James Carman.JK
addAdded new IComponent.getClientId for global element id resolution on all components.JK
addAdded configuration point for contributing OGNL null handlers.AA
fixImprove output of base tag (for IE).AA
fixFormLinkRenderer throws NPE with DirectlLinks. Thanks to Ido M. Tamir.AA
fixAdded logic to asset service that checks for incoming css file relative paths.JK

Release 4.0.1 - March 15 2006

fixForm.set_focus() not compatible with some ie fields. Patch adds logic to check more cross-browser friendly functions for setting focus. Thanks to unknown contributor.JK
fixApplied patch upgrading tapestry to use commons-fileupload 1.1 as well as adding new functionality enabling a more dynamic fileupload system for normal or portlet environments. Thanks to Raphael Jean.JK
fixAdded error hint to encode message properties. It seems that 80% of the time the error is caused by a class that doesn't implement Serializable. Added message hinting at this in error strings.JK
fixDisplay name of SimpleTableColumn now replaces all instances of "." character with "_". Thanks to Matt Raible.JK
fixIn portlet mode, the portlet URLs obtained by createActionURL() or createRenderURL() should NOT be encoded. Thanks to Raphael Jean.JK
fixWhen a Link component attempts to render its link during rewind, the PortletLinkFactoryImpl crashes because _renderResponse is null. Thanks to Raphael Jean.JK
fixUpload test was failing due to incorrect line number matching for "Contents Match." string assertion. Thanks to Andreas Andreou.JK
fixFixed links.ent reference to ExternalAsset, was missing asset package. Thanks to Zedros Schwart.JK
fixUsing the DatePicker for a date format containing no "word delimiter" doesn't work because of an inefficient limitational replacement-method in DatePicker.js. I added a patch for this, because I've to work with a date format of ddMMyy (without delimiter). With that patch it won't break any more neither for regular date formats nor for this delimiter-free format used in financial or touristics for example. Thanks to Matthias Zitzmann/Brian K. Wallace.JK
fixModified contrib table column headers to use inlined style and css classes to do table and image style definitions. Much more compatible with css now. Thanks to Vjeran Marcinko/Brian K. Wallace.JK
fixTapestry's resource finder throws a StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when an asset doesn't contains a "." (the search result of 'lastIndexOf' is -1). The patch against trunk simply adds a check in the lastIndexOf as it is assumed to be > -1 although the results of the check are used differently Thanks to Brian K. Wallace.JK
fixneed 'port' parameter to supplement 'scheme' parameter for correct generation of urls Thanks to Fernando Padilla.JK
fix Has broken links to documentation about and Thanks to Olve Sæther Hansen.JK
fixAdded new scriptAsset parameter, as well as param checking to be sure that only one of scriptPath or scriptAsset can be set.JK
fixRemoved the space between the message binding and the message key for Timeout.jwc. Thanks to Brian K. Wallace.JK
fixIt seems that DirectLink and/or PopupLinkRenderer should be checking for Form rewind and not rendering in that case. Thanks to Brian K. Wallace.JK
fixAdded informal-parameters to jwc and html for TableFormPages Thanks to Brian K. Wallace.JK
fixValidationStrings wasn't being resolved correctly in non en environments, added a file to help. Thanks to Jarek Woloszyn.JK
fixIncorrect usage of inject documentation on state page. Updated. Thanks to Diogenes Alberto Moreira.JK

Release 4.0 - Jan 6 2006

updateAdd link to DeveloperWorks Tapestry articleHLS

Release 4.0-rc-3 - Dec 27 2005

fixPageAttachListener not called on initial page loadHLS

Release 4.0-rc-2 - Dec 18 2005

fixDefaultResourceLocalizerTest is under framework/src not framework/testHLS
fixLabeledPropertySelectionModel throws NPE on null value Thanks to Leonardo Quijano Vincenzi.HLS
fixEngine Service proxies don't correctly forward "post" parameter of IEngineService.getLinkHLS
addAdd Tapestry @ JavaForge as related projectHLS
fixApplication startup fails occasionally because of undefined order of contributionsHLS
addDocument validation inside the Users GuideJK
fixDocumentation for DatePicker component is incomplete Thanks to Andreas Andreou.HLS

Release 4.0-rc-1 - Dec 6 2005

updateMake default binding prefix configurableHLS
fixXTile service passes null list of listener parameters to listener methodHLS
updateMake the logic for localizing resources extensibleHLS
updateMore work on the QuickStart documentationHLS
fixBody.get(cycle) throws exceptionHLS
fixRequestCycle is not available during page initializationHLS
fixFieldLabel's prerender property should default to trueHLS
fixNumberTranslator.js missing semicolonHLS
addAdd missing documentation for Tapestry script template specificationsHLS
fixStateBinding doesn't override isInvariant()HLS
fixFormMessages class has typo in message key for fieldAlreadyPrerendered()HLS
fixSingle quotes in a localization of DatePicker strings causes a failure Thanks to Igor Grimaylo.HLS
fixNPE creating a link from pageValidate() when there are client-persistent properties with page scopeHLS
fixOutput encoding problem with some versions of Tomcat 5HLS
fixURLs for portlet links and forms are nullHLS
fixORO Perl5Matcher and Perl5Compiler are used in thread-unsafe manner Thanks to Jeff Lubetkin.HLS
fixtapestry.url.ServiceEncoders has reversed the descriptions of the after and before attributesHLS
fixChange return type to inteface for: ListenerMapSource.createListenerMethodInvoker()HLS
fixTypographical Errors in Documentation Thanks to Kevin J. Menard, Jr..HLS
fixTapestry may, in some cases, look for a page class in the wrong packageHLS
fixcontrib:Tree fails with NullPointerExceptionHLS
fixDouble click doesn't work on 'Available' side of Palette component Thanks to Brian Nelson.HLS

Release 4.0-beta-13 - Nov 12 2005

updateSwitch to HiveMind 1.1 (final)HLS
fixLinkSubmit does not work correctly when the browser's back button is used and the form resubmitted normallyHLS
addExtend RequestDisplay component (used on the Exception page) to also report the internal status of key Tapestry servicesHLS
fixLinkSubmit renders overly verbose JavaScriptHLS
fixExpose the current IRequestCycle as an injectable serviceHLS
fixUsing a FieldLabel component after the decorated form component causes the FieldLabel's id attribute to be wrongHLS
fixFix a number of bugs in the DatePicker component's JavaScriptHLS
fixRollover component parameter names are wrongHLS
fixWrong org.apache.tapestry.specification-path in javadocHLS
fixPalette component select arrows appear enabled on loadHLS
fixLocalization directive cuts trailing spaceHLS
fixPopupLinkRenderer overrides wrong method of DefaultLinkRendererHLS
fixCheckbox does not support FieldLabelHLS
fixWhen an engine implementation is missing Tapestry does not throw an appropriate errorHLS
fixTapestry should validate that all engine services provide a non-null service parameterHLS
fixIf an engine service returns null from getName(), an NPE occursHLS

Release 4.0-beta-12 - Oct 30 2005

fixAsset injection makes assets appear as null inside finishLoad()HLS
fixForm, PageLink, DirectLink, etc. should support a scheme parameter for controlling the scheme of the generated URLHLS
updateDeprecate the Action component and ActionServiceHLS
updateChange the examples distribution to be a pre-configured JBoss distributionHLS
updateDeprecate IMonitor and IMonitorFactory (for removal in 4.1)HLS
fix< div > tag around form hidden fields should not be visibleHLS
fixDo not give focus to disabled fieldsHLS
fixLinkSubmit component should render its body, even when disabledHLS
fixAdd annotation to define default value of propertyHLS
fixThe "empty" property of StringTranslator is brokenHLS
fixTapestry throws a NPE if you try to configure an asset without an extension Thanks to Marcus Brito.HLS
fixCookieSource service stores only session cookies (despite documentation) and provides no way to store a persistent cookieHLS

Release 4.0-beta-11 - Oct 16 2005

fixClassNotFoundException thrown when deserializing an object from a client persistent propertyHLS
fixDocument MultiplePropertySelection componentDS
fixDocument Palette componentDS
fixDocument Delegator, ExceptionDisplay, Hidden components Thanks to Warner Onstine.DS
fixDocument LinkSubmit componentDS
fixDocument Image componentDS
fixDocument Script componentDS
updateComplete the renovation of the Virtual Library to take advantage of Tapestry 4.0 featuresHLS
fixMissing framework component documentationDS

Release 4.0-beta-10 - Oct 8 2005

fixUnimplemented abstract method check brokenHLS
addAdd DefaultPrimaryKeyConverter for use with the For componentHLS
updateChange For component to interleave rendering/rewinding with access to its primary key converterHLS
fixRace condition during page loading can cause anomalous exceptions related to annotationsHLS
fixAsset service sends a 200 response even when the provided md5 checksum is invalidHLS
fixAutomatically create an IPropertySelection model from a stringHLS
removeRemove support for < listener-binding > and the dependency on Bean Scripting FrameworkHLS

Release 4.0-beta-9 - Oct 1 2005

fixDocument Button componentDS
fixDocument Inspector componentDS
fixEnhanceUtils needs null checks in the primitive unwrapper methodsHLS
fixTapestry Inspector can throw an exception on the properties page, if a property is an array containing nullsHLS
fixNeed an injection type comparable to the state: binding prefixHLS
updateRe-organize Tapestry project site navigation to be more consistentHLS
updateRework build to create a seperate Tapestry examples distribution (which will be hosted from a non-ASF host)HLS
fixDocument MaskEdit componentDS
fixAdd streamlined API for recording errors into a validation delegateHLS
fixMethods marked deprecated in IComponent need to also be deprecated in AbstractComponent to avoid compiler warnings (when subclassing)HLS

Release 4.0-beta-8 - Sep 24 2005

fixDocument Foreach componentDS
fixForeach and For cache the 'source' parameter even when they should notMB
fixDocument ListEdit componentDS
fixInspectorButton component renders poorlyHLS
fixValidField component creates javascript referencing handle_invalid_field() method that no longer existsHLS
fixLinkSubmit does not render its body when rewindingHLS
fixRedirectException being caught from listener methods as an application exception rather than causing the redirect Thanks to Eli Doran.HLS
fixInvalid bindings in FormTable.jwcMB
fixThe path used when writing the locale cookie means that the locale can get "lost" when navigating around the applicationHLS
fixDocument Frame component Thanks to Warner Onstine.DS
fixDocument PropertySelection component Thanks to Pierre-Yves Nicolas.DS
fixDocument Upload component Thanks to Pierre-Yves Nicolas.DS
fixInjecting meta data generates incorrect code for boolean propertiesHLS
updateImprove exception reporting of certain objects, including object arraysHLS
fixExpose the ServletContext as service tapestry.globals.ServletContextHLS
fixIn some circumstances, using the classpath: or context: prefixes on paths fails to workHLS
updateRename certain test-related classes to be picked up properly by the Ant build scriptsHLS
removeRemove some code that is no longer usedHLS
fixDocument DateField, NumericField, ValidatingTextField componentsDS
addAdd @Meta annotation, for defining meta dataHLS
fixThe @ComponentClass annotation is not inherited by sub-classesHLS
fixThe 'defer' parameter of Submit, LinkSubmit, and ImageSubmit with default of 'true' tends to cause user issuesMB

Release 4.0-beta-7 - Sep 17 2005

fixNeed better line-precise reporting for listener methodsHLS
fixReport location of errors initializing managed beansHLS
fixFAQ Code example contains bug Thanks to Andy Hedges.HLS
fixSpurious ERROR message (probably should be WARN or INFO) when template does not refer to components in page specHLS
fixColons in an OGNL expression may force it to be intepreted as a literal string, not an expressionHLS
fixLiteral bindings in template override bindings in specification for the same informal parameterHLS
fixDocument DatePicker componentDS
fixBug with "ForBean" when upgrade from beta5 to beta6MB
fixDocument If componentMB
fixDocument For componentMB
fixDocument FormConditional componentDS
addApplication state objects are stored back to the session, even if unchangedHLS
fixFramework unit test suite fails for non-English developers due to localization issues Thanks to Laurent Prudhon.HLS
fixDocument GenericLink componentMB
fixDocument Rollover componentMB
fixDocument ServiceLink componentMB
fixUsing component types with slashes in the HTML template failsHLS
fixResource prefixes not honored inside < page > 's specification-path attributeHLS
fixWebResponse does not expose a way to set headersHLS
fixSearch path for managed bean classesHLS
fixInjections that cause bad casts need better reportingHLS

Release 4.0-beta-6 - Sep 7 2005

updateConvert Tapestry repository from CVS to SVN Thanks to Henri Yandell.HLS
fixPattern validator invokes wrong client-side JavaScript functionHLS
fix$bean syntax for validators: binding prefix is brokenHLS
fixTapestry.set_focus() seems to be passed the form components elementId (i.e. name attribute) not clientId (i.e. id attribute), which keeps focus from being setHLS
fixDocument RadioGroup, Radio, ExternalLink, Option components Thanks to Pierre-Yves Nicolas.HLS
fixJavascript problem with @LinkSubmitHLS
fixBig overhaul of the Tapestry InspectorHLS
fixForm component can render id tag twiceHLS
addAdd documentation for the Describe componentHLS
fixDocument Choose, Otherwise, When componentsDS
fixDocument Conditional component Thanks to Jesse Bouwman.DS
fixDocument ActionLink component Thanks to Warner Onstine.DS
fixDocument Select component Thanks to Pierre-Yves Nicolas.DS
fixDocument PageLink component Thanks to liigo.DS
fixDocument RenderBody component Thanks to Pierre-Yves Nicolas.DS
fixListEdit components should not attempt to take focusHLS
fixBuild uploads vlibbeans-xxx.jar to java repository (and thence to the maven repository)HLS
fixDocument DirectLink component Thanks to Warner Onstine.DS
fixIntermixing FieldLabels and form components can force a StaleLinkExceptionHLS
fixXHTML 1.0 Strict complianceHLS

Release 4.0-beta-5 - Aug 26 2005

fixImproperly configured SerializableAdaptor (for DataSqueezer) prevents serialized objects from being de-serializedMB,HLS
fixHook needed on client side to control how validation errors are presented to the userHLS
fixAdd IComponentSpecification.getReservedParameterNames()HLS
fixRemove unused org.apache.tapestry.IResourceLocation (replaced by org.apache.hivemind.Resource)HLS
fixRename property-name attribute of configure element to "property" (matching the code in SpecificationParser, as well as other similar elements in the DTD)HLS
fixIfBean has a logic error in itMB
fixIncorrect binding type converter for array of int[]MB
fixMethod clearErrors() of IValidationDelegate is missing in 4.0HLS
fixPropertySelection does not submit Palette properlyHLS
fixAll For and If components in the non-form table family should be declared as volatileMB
fixConfigurable location of Table component's page navigation linksMB
fixvalidators: binding prefix should have way to reference the component's managed beansHLS
fixSelect component exception when used twice on a page Thanks to Nick Westgate.HLS
fixEngine services should use getName() when constructing thier parameter maps so that they may be more easily subclassed and extendedHLS
fixAnnotations jar on classpath breaks Tapestry if not running on JDK 1.5HLS
fixNumberValidator should allow a special case for rendering zeroHLS
fixRename framework javascript functions to avoid potential name collisionsHLS
removeRemove the AssetExternalizer and externalization logic, since the asset service is better and as efficientHLS
fixMessages in org.apache.tapestry.engine.EngineMessages should be publicHLS
fixMake it easier to subclass DirectServiceHLS
fixForm should have an element id when rendered (same applies to various FormComponents as well)HLS
fix$ signs in generated element names / ids are illegal in XHTMLHLS
fixE-mail validator pattern doesn't take new TLDs into accountHLS
fixTapestry attempts to invoke focus() on client-side objects that don't implement itHLS
fixIE Error in DataPicker.jsHLS
fixDo not bind form component values unless all validators succeed.PF
fixIncluding the tapestry-portlet jar in the classpath for a servlet application causes exceptionsHLS
fixOptimize generated JavaScript to reduce the verbosityHLS
fixPoor reporting of missing specification fileHLS
fixForm: have a success listener that is invoked only when the form is submitted normally and the delegate records no errorsHLS
fixDeprecated IPage methods are not marked as such in AbstractPageHLS
updateRefactored ButtonLinkRenderer to the contrib libraryPF
fixForm: have a success listener that is invoked only when the form is submitted normally and the delegate records no errorsHLS

Release 4.0-beta-4 - Aug 10 2005

fixAdd getComponent() method to IComponent.HLS
fixContextAssetFactory assembles wrong filename for assets Thanks to Markus Joschko.HLS
fixregexp validator(Email) script function name mismatchHLS
fixChanges to assets are not picked up, even when caching is disabledHLS
fixAdd many translations of Thanks to Our many international users.HLS
fixPoor reporting of duplicate method implementationsHLS
updateRemove default-binding attribute from < parameter > elementHLS
fixDeprecate out-of-date contrib componentsHLS
fixEnhancement Workers that create read-only properties should flag setter methods as an errorHLS
fixAllow access to component message catalog from validators: binding stringHLS
fixButton component needs to implement rewindFormComponent() methodPF
fixButton component creates invalid markupPF
updateDeprecate label parameter of Button componentPF
fixTapestry 4.0 DTD invalidHLS
fixClient Side Persistence Scopes can conflict with each other Thanks to Adam Greene.HLS
fixNestedMarkupWriterImpl doesn't close the current open tag when getBuffer() is called Thanks to Raphael Jean.HLS
fixUnable to override default pattern of DateTranslator and NumberTranslator when initialized via the translator bindingPF
fixProvide application: prefix to reference the application (root) namespace (from a library)HLS
updateEnable Eclipse project-specific compile options, activate additional checks as errors, and fix those errors in the code baseHLS
fixWebRequest interface doesn't expose getRemoteUser(), isUserInRole() or getUserPrincipal()HLS
fixNamespace messages are retrieved using page's locale rather than engine's locale Thanks to Raphael Jean.HLS
fixComponents without a .jwc file not visibleHLS
fixGenerated client-side javascript is wrong when error message or field display name contains single-quote characters or backslashes Thanks to Raphael Jean.HLS
fixSet the location for a page that has no specification (just a template) to be relative to the application (or library) specificationHLS
fixAllow listener methods to return ILink, to support redirect-after-postHLS
fixAbstract properties (without a < property > element) do not clear out their valuesHLS
fixAdd isRequired() to IFieldComponentHLS
fixTapestry 4.0 (excluding annotations) not source compatible with JDK 1.3HLS
fixReplaced RequirableField logic and 'required' parameter in PropertySelection, RadioGroup, Select, Upload, contrib:MultiplePropertySelection, and contrib:Palette with more general ValidatableField logic that adds a 'validators' parameter.PF
updateCheckbox component is now validatable.PF
updateRequired validator additionally detects empty strings and empty collections.PF
fixcontrib:MultiplePropertySelection isn't setting it's own name before renderingPF
updateRemove incomplete and unused integration test codeHLS
updateAdd post parameter to IEngineService.getLink() to support building links differently for form posts vs. link getsHLS
fixAdd a configuration point for creating additional SqueezeAdaptors Thanks to Markus Wiederkehr.HLS
updateChange SerializableAdaptor to encode with and without compression, and use the shorter of the twoHLS
fixDateField.jwc is 4.0 DTD but uses the type attribute of < parameter >HLS
fixNumber translator generates incorrect javascript, preventing validation that the input value is numericHLS

Release 4.0-beta-3 - Jul 22 2005

fixHiveMind configuration error breaks the useage of the state: binding prefix Thanks to Jonas Maurus.HLS
fixSubmit component should deprecate its label parameterHLS
fixCheckbox selected parameter should be named "value"HLS
fixParameters with aliases cause class enhancement exceptionsHLS
fixRestore "zebra-striping" to the Exception pageHLS
fixInspectorButton ignores its disabled parameterHLS
fixProperly position cursor into form fieldsHLS
fixBean Property does not get updated from component parameter Thanks to Kent Tong.HLS
fixForeach components cannot handle primitive arrays Thanks to Laurent Etiemble.HLS
fixRestartService creates HttpSession wrongfully Thanks to Fernando.HLS
fixOGNL can't access a static field in a class in the webapp contextHLS
fixChange TemplateParser to throw an exception and stop parsing when duplicate attributes are found in a tag Thanks to Geoff Longman.HLS

Release 4.0-beta-2 - Jul 9 2005

fixFormConditional extends BaseComponent but has no templateHLS
fixAbstractComponent: getMessages() and format() were removed, but should have been deprecatedHLS
fixUsing @Asset annotation causes NullPointerExceptionHLS
fixRemoved obsolete "format" parameter from DatePickerPF
fixAnnotations bypass line precise exception reportingHLS
fixAdd @Documented annotation to the Tapestry annotationsHLS
fixDon't attempt to display source if no line numberHLS
fix@Message does not work with parametersHLS
fixWrong property type on injected assets fails with confusing messageHLS
fixasset service: send 304 status code when appropriateHLS
fixScript component is not picking up the symbols parameter Thanks to Paul Green.HLS
addAdd blank component reference pages for If and ForHLS
fixCannot inject the same bean twiceHLS
fixClient Side Validation inconsistentHLS
fixInvokeListener component is not in Framework.libraryHLS

Release 4.0-beta-1 - Jun 24 2005

addAdd InvokeListener componentHLS
addAdd getErrorRenderers() method to IValidationDelegateHLS
addAdd purgeDeletedKeys() method to ListEditMapHLS
addAdd checks for multiple specification elements "claiming" the same injected property.HLS
addAdd support for validation decoration to TextAreaHLS
addAdd raw parameter to InsertTextHLS
addAdd aliases attribute to < parmeter > element, to allow parameters to be renamedHLS
fixProperly wire the assetFactory property of the serviceHLS
fixFix some missing default bindings for the Table component (and subcomponents)HLS
addAdd getRequiredParameters() method to IComponentSpecification.HLS
fixMake inherited bindings (a holdover from the 3.0 DTDs) override (quietly) default parameter bindingsHLS
fixProperly identify when portal mode or window state has changedHLS
addAdd deprecated attribute to < component-specification > and < parameter >HLS
addAdd configuration property org.apache.tapestry.accepted-locales, used to limit localization to a finite set of localesHLS
fixInjection uses actual type of injected object, which may not be available (due to AOP, or due to use of JDK Proxies)HLS
addAdd page listing the project voting historyHLS
addAdd annotation support (in tapestry-annotation module)HLS
fixAdd lightweight initialization for managed beansHLS
addAdd a command chain for resolving component classesHLS
updateCache specification provided by the specification resolver delegateHLS
fix@Parameter does not work for requiredHLS
addAdd a page explicitly discussing JDK and library dependenciesHLS
fixIncorrect link to Spring integration docs in FAQHLS
fixNon thread safe documentation exampleHLS
fixListEditMap can return null from getDeletedKeys()HLS
fixFix injection problems; InjectScriptWorker injects a DeferredScript, not an IScript. Add super-verbose exception output when there's a failure instantiating a component class.HLS
addRefactored and expanded validation functionality to include DatePicker, PropertySelection, RadioGroup, Select, TextArea, TextField, Upload, contrib:Palette, and contrib:MultiplePropertySelectionPF
updateRework form event management to be primarily a client-side concernHLS
addAdd translator binding prefixHLS
addAdd cancel and refresh listener parameters to FormHLS
addListener methods may now return a page name, or a page instance, to activate and render the responseHLS
addAdd injection of pagesHLS
addAdd InjectPage annotationHLS
addAdd validators: binding prefix, which allows validators to be specified as a succinct listHLS
addRename Component annotation to ComponentClassHLS
addAdd Component, Message, InjectMeta and InjectScript annotationsHLS
updateRenamed property-name attribute to property in the DTD for consistencyHLS
addChange FieldLabel to output a < label > element, and add support for generating a client-side id to form control componentsHLS

Release 4.0-alpha-3 - May 16 2005

addAdd initial support for the validator: binding prefixHLS
addFix workbench build script so that generated war file will include the required ognl jarPF
fixAllow Submits to defer invoking their listenerHLS
fixProperly seperate data from different users stored using the tapestry.persist.ClientPropertyPersistenceStrategy serviceHLS
addStore the Registry as a ServletContext attribute, so that it may be accessed from other servlets.HLS
addAllow control over the ErrorHandler used when building the HiveMind Registry.HLS
updateRemove < inject-state > , and add type attribute to < inject >HLS
fixFix some problems with the TestRestartService test suite Thanks to Richard Hensley.
fixMake it possible to add behavior before and/or after invoking listener methods.HLS
addAdd meta and script injection typesHLS
addAdd defer parameters parameter to LinkSubmitRLS
addAdd listener parameters to Form submitting componentsRLS

Release 4.0-alpha-2 - May 5 2005

updateCoordinate Locale changes with the hivemind.ThreadLocale service.HLS
addAdd lookup mechanism to determine page class from page name.HLS
addAllow the name of the initial page to be overriden using the org.apache.tapestry.home-page application property.HLS
fixInclude a message digest, as a credential, inside asset URLs.HLS
addAdd asset-encoding that encodes and decodes a friendly URL for the asset service.HLS
updateAdd an extra level of indirection, so that engine services can be wired together using the engine-service: object provider.HLS
addAdd methods to IMarkupWriter that allow filtering to be specified using a parameter.HLS
addAllow component parameters to have a default binding type.HLS
fixSet form name from component id, and disallow name as an informal parameter.HLS
addAdd 'client' property persistence strategy.HLS
addEnhance listener methods, allowing them to include the request cycle optionally, and also optionally accept listener parameters.HLS
updateReplace references to release 3.1 with release 4.0.HLS
updateUpgrade to Javassist 3.0.HLS
addAdd DirectServiceEncoder.HLS
fixAdd quotes around attribute values in contrib:Table < table > elementsEH
updateUpgrade to HiveMind 1.0-beta-1.HLS
addAdd cache attribute to < parameter > elementHLS
addAdd Trails as a related project.HLS
addAdd AppFuse as a related project.HLS
fixValidation error renderers should implement toString.HLS
fixRoll IValidationDelegate change, adding getCurrentFieldTracking(), forward from 3.0.2 into 4.0HLS
addAdd methods to IMarkupWriter that allow filtering to be specified using a parameter.HLS
updateChange FieldLabel to pre-render its associated field, so that decorations stay synchronized, even in a loop.HLS
addAdd PageAttachListener event interfaceHLS

Release 3.0.3 - Mar 26 2005

fixFix security flaw in asset service.PF
fixJanitorThread now terminates explicitly when servlet is destroyed. Interruption properly terminates thread during sweep operation.PF
fixFix bug preventing DatePicker calendar window from closing automatically if onchange event handler is not specified.PF
fixDatePicker onchange event now only fires when date changes.PF
fixPatch for bad translation in Thanks to Xi Ping Wang.PF
fixPatch for bad translation in Thanks to Xi Ping Wang.PF
fixFix incorrect test for enabling rendering of element in FormConditional component. Thanks to Michael Hamilton.PF
fixFix missing type attribute of script tag in Body component. Thanks to Markus Wiederkehr.PF
fixFix improper engine cleanup when client aborts a request. Thanks to Matthew Mead.PF
updateBuild scripts are now Java 1.5 friendly.PF

Release 3.1-alpha-1 - Feb 21 2005

updateRemove dependencies on Jakarta digester, collections and beanutils. Add dependency on Jakarta HiveMind.HLS
updateRemove support for the < service > element in specifications (in favor of the configuration point).HLS
updateSignificant rework of how Tapestry URLs are formatted.HLS
updateRemove support for the Tapestry JSP taglib. This can now be accomplished using service paths recognized by service encoders.HLS
updateChange Form to prevent collisions between query parameters supplied by services (in an ILink) and form element ids.HLS
updateChange Form (and WML Go) to have the direct and action services injected.HLS
updateRefactoring to move application state object management out of IEngine and generalize it.HLS
addAdd < inject-state > element to specifications.HLS
addAdd property attribute to < component > , < bean > and < asset > and add enhancement workers to inject these objects as properties.HLS
addAdd hivemind: binding prefix.HLS
updateMake the Body component output initializations in a script block at the end of the page (just before the close tag), rather than in a window.onload event handler.HLS
updateSupport more boolean values.HLS
updateInject Messages into components; this means that all Tapestry page and component classes are abstract.HLS
fixAllow namespaces to define localized messages, providing defaults for pages and components within the namespace.HLS
updateChange handling of initial values for properties to be based on injected logic.HLS
fixFix bad link in UsersGuide/spec.xml. Thanks to Michael Frericks.HLS
addAdd new ComponentPropertySource service for accessing component meta-data properties.HLS
fixAllow control over attribute name for components in templates.HLS
updateInject specification into components.HLS
updateUse enhancement to inject page event registration into components.HLS
addAdd LabeledPropertySelectionModel that decorates an IPropertySelectionModel with an label row.PF
addNew ButtonLinkRenderer, an ILinkRenderer implementation that renders a link component as a button.PF
updateSplit PageRenderListener into PageBeginRenderListener and PageEndRenderListener.HLS

Release 3.0.2 - Feb 14 2005

fixFix build settings for JDOM and Jetty.EH
fixUpgrade OGNL to 2.6.7. This should move to 2.7.0 as soon as it is released.EH
fixAdded call to onchange for DatePicker pop-up selections.EH
fixProvide localized validation messages for Simplified Chinese (zh_CN). Thanks to Xi Ping Wang.HLS
fixProvide localized validation messages for Swedish. Thanks to Niklas Ekman.HLS
fixIgnored interruptedException prevents Janitorthread termination.HLS
fixThe online Tapestry component reference for 3.0.1 for @Foreach component has an error in the example section. Thanks to Morten Holm.HLS
fixPersistent properties can't be set to null. Thanks to Michael Frericks.HLS
fixListEdit component reference should list source and value as required. Thanks to Sadanori Ito.HLS
fixFAQ link to Spring integration document is broken. Thanks to Wouter de Vaal.HLS
fix[PATCH] Thanks to Dominik Kreutz.HLS
fixHave RenderString implement useful toString().HLS
fixChange ListEditMap to never return null from getDeletedKeys().HLS

Release 3.0.1 - Oct 16 2004

updateAdd PopupLinkRenderer to contrib, this renderer emits javascript to launch the link in a new window.DS
fixEnsure that the page's requestCycle property is set before finishLoad() is invoked on any component.HLS
updateMake IMessages smartly expand exceptions into their message, or their class name.HLS
fixFix NPE in ValidationDelegate when the form has errors recorded for fields that did not render.HLS
updateProvide a public implementation of ITemplateParserDelegate.HLS
fixPalette does not clear its selected list when no selections are made.HLS
fixAllow abstract pages/components even if no specified properties (or other enhancements)HLS
fixShell component should allow informal parametersHLS
updateAdded a clearErrors() method to IValidationDelegate.HLS

Release 3.0 - Apr 18 2004

fixWorkbench/Upload exception when no file specifiedHLS
fixAdd FormConditional to Component ReferenceDS
fixAdd element parameter to contrib:ChooseDS
fixRemove a small optimization that compromised storage of mutable objects as persistent page properties.HLS

Release 3.0-rc-3 - Apr 7 2004

updateAdd docs on how to report problems.HLS
fixPass the to the parent class loader when creating an enhanced class, to allow Tapestry operation inside secure environments such as Tomcat. Thanks to Mats Forstöf.HLS
fixNPE in org.apache.tapestry.form.LinkSubmit. Thanks to
fixMake checks for unimplemented abstract methods optional, to work around a bug in IBM JDK 1.3.1 (used with Websphere 4.x).HLS
fix(byte, char, short, float and long) in addition to the previously accepted types (boolean, int, double and objects).HLS

Release 3.0-rc-2 - Apr 1 2004

fixFix problems in the binary distribution.HLS
fixCreate proper OGNL context when checking for invariant OGNL expressions (when initializing component properties).HLS
fixDataSqueezer: Incorrect exception messageHLS
fixExpressionBinding optimizes expressions incorrectlyHLS

Release 3.0-rc-1 - Mar 15 2004

fixValidationDelegate.writeLabelPrefix/Suffix does not have IValidator accessEH
fixFix javadoc. Thanks to Michael M. Brzycki.DS
fixIncorrect example code.DS
fixInspectorButton docs have incorrect links. Thanks to Michael M. Brzycki.DS
updateUpdate Component Reference to use 3.0 syntaxDS
updateUpdate the license to Apache Software License 2.0.HLS
updateAdded 'raw' attribute to FieldLabel component.EH
updateRemoved the out-of-date Tutorial.HLS
fixPalette doesn't retain user-specified sort orderHLS
fixsince that requires an expensive reverse DNS lookup.HLS
fixFix typos and inaccuracies in the 3.0 DTD comments. Thanks to basile.chandesris.HLS
fixFix logic in client-side validation. Thanks to Jamie Orchard-Hays.HLS
fixDatePicker doesn't use the current Locale in its formatter Thanks to Karel Miarka.HLS
updateUpdate DatePicker to use a graphic icon to hide and show the calendar.HLS
fixCheck for duplication of ids between the HTML template and the specification.HLS
fixFix some number conversion problems inside NumberValidator.HLS

Release 3.0-beta-4 - Feb 5 2004

updateChange direction of parameter model for WML components, SelectionField and PropertySelectionDS
fixFixed the byte[] mapping in org.apache.tapestry.enhance.JavaClassMappingDS
update. Thanks to Tetsuya Kitahata.HLS
updateUpdated javadoc build target to link to JDK 1.3 Thanks to Michael M. Brzycki.
addAdded new validator, Pattern ValidatorHK
fixFixed the null pointer exception from FieldLabel when not enclosed by Form or when IValidationDelegate is not providedHK
fixThe key attribute of the script foreach is changed to not be a required attributeHK
fixAdded support for OGNL TypeConverter in expression bindingsEH
updateUpdated Component Reference for WML componentsDS
updateMade DateValidator's getEffectiveFormat()/getEffectiveDisplayFormat() publicRLS
updateUpdated to use DocBook 1.62.4 XSL stylesheets for documentation generationRLS
updateMoved info priority logging to debug priorityRLS
updateCustom parameter binding properties only enhanced if abstractRLS
updateUpdated the Table components to have an easier interface, similar to that of Foreach.MB does not include jython.dirMB
fixTable component doesn't sort fine when there are null valuesMB
fixWrong Package in linkMB
fixJavaDoc: should IField be IFieldTracking??MB
fixcontrib:PopupLink ignores informal parametersMB
fixWrong Package in linkMB
fixTypo: "In a IListenerBindingSpecification"MB
fixAdd url parameter to Shell componentMB
updatecurrent OGNL 2.6.3 needs to be usedMB
fixProblem with URL encodings at EngineServiceLink.javaMB
fixThe source parameter of Foreach should be requiredMB
fixtests failing under JDK 1.3MB
fixName attribute gets duplicated in TextFieldMB
fixDateField component throws an ApplicationRuntimeExceptionMB
fixNumericField component throws an ApplicationRuntimeExceptionMB
fixUsing NumericField cause a ClassCastExceptionMB
fixCompatibility of the AbstractEngine to servlet-api 2.2MB
fixpatch to allow workbench to work with JDK 1.4.2 and current Jetty Thanks to Colin Sampaleanu.MB
fixrace condition in class enhancementMB
fixThe Dates tab in the Workbench contains an empty popup linkMB
fixApplicationRuntime Exception loses root cause...MB
fixNumberValidator forces to input a valueMB
fixjunit.jar needed to build junit subprojectMB
fixJUnit XML tests broken under JDK with no XML parser (eg. 1.3)MB
fixNo JVM requirements mentioned in docsMB
fix[PATCH] Thanks to Zhenbang Wei.MB
fixPageService.getLink throws ClassCastException if parameters arg is Object[]EH
fixNumericField does not pass on its type parameterRLS
fixValidationDelegate throws NPE for some new FieldLabel/ValidFieldRLS
fixproperties cannot be of complex array typesMB
fixfixed broken links in doc\src\common\TapestryLinks.xmlEH
fixInherited parameters do not pick up default valuesMB
update(this is because the behavior of the method is changing between jakarta-commons 1.0 and 2.0).HLS
updateUpdate all copyrights for 2004.HLS
fixAdd download links.HLS
updateRemove unncessary constructor from test case classes.HLS
updateChanged mock unit tests to redirect System.out and System.err to log files rather than the console.HLS
updateImprove the documentation for the Palette component, providing a real example of CSS styles used with the component. Thanks to Glen Stampoultzis.HLS
fixComponent parameters with direction 'form' should not allow static bindings.HLS
fixFixed NPE in PatternValidator.toString().HK
fixFix TestMocks to not use JDK 1.4 API.HLS
fixFixing property initializers to be evaluated every time (unless they are invariant)MB
updateAdded Servlet API 2.4 from Tomcat 5 and ejb.jar from Geronimo. Made the mock objects compatible with Servlet API 2.4.MB
updateEvaluate the string 'false' as Boolean.FALSE. All other non-empty strings continue to be evaluated as Boolean.TRUE.MB
updateAutomatically download external dependencies (such as Forrest and McKoi DB).MB
fixDatePicker positioning problem fixed. Thanks to Anatol Pomazau.HK
fixAutomatic rendering of the maxlength and size attributes have been removed. DatePicker now allows informal attributes that will be applied to the field.HK
fixFixed one more place where the encoding needs to be setMB