A form element control that renders an HTML <textarea>, a multi-line text input.

See also: org.apache.tapestry.form.TextArea , InsertText , TextField


Name Type Required Default Description
value string yes The value to read and update (unless the disabled parameters is true).
disabled boolean no false If true, then the <textarea> will be written with a disabled attribute (preventing user interaction in the client web browser). In addition, when the form is submitted, the component will not update its value parameter.
displayName string no A name for the field, which may be used by the FieldLabel component connected to the TextArea.
validators Array or collection of Validator no The validators to apply to the component. Something along the lines of: validators:required .

See also: Validation
translator Translator no The translator to use when displaying and parsing the date.

See also: Validation

Body: removed

Informal parameters: allowed

Reserved parameters: name