Invoke a listener during the render of the page. Parameters may be passed to the listener.

See also: org.apache.tapestry.components.InvokeListener , Delegator


Name Type Required Default Description
listener IActionListener yes The listener to invoke.
parameters Object no Parameter(s) gathered at the time the listener is invoked, supplied as listener parameters in the IRequestCycle available to the listener.

If the parameter is a Collection, it will be converted to an Object array (to match the IRequestCycle getListenerParameters() signature).

Body: removed

Informal parameters: forbidden

Reserved parameters: none

This component does not render any output at all. The component is a placeholder within the page or component template that marks a point where logic within the Java class should be executed. A typical use of this is to setup properties needed by components within the template, for example, to fetch an object from a database so that other components may read or update its properties.