The Rollover component provides a rollover image button for use with any kind of link component. A rollover button image changes when the mouse move over it or off of it. A Rollover is disabled if the link that wraps it is disabled (in which case it doesn't respond to the mouse). If this dynamic behavior isn't required use the simpler Image component.

The component provides all the necessary JavaScript to swap the image when the mouse enters and exits the button. However, the Rollover must be wrapped (ultimately) by a Body component.

See also: Body , GenericLink , Image , PageLink , Script


Name Type Required Default Description
image IAsset yes The initial image to show, if the surrounding link component is not disabled.
mouseOver IAsset no If provided (and the component is not disabled), then a JavaScript onMouseOver event handler is added to change the image. An onMouseOut event handler is also provided, to change the button to either its base image, or its mouseOut image. Deprecated alias: focus.
mouseOut IAsset no If provided (and the component is not disabled), then a JavaScript onMouseOut event handler is added to change the image when the mouse is moved off of the image. Deprecated alias: blur.
disabled IAsset no

Image used when the Rollover is disabled. A Rollover is disabled when the link component containing it is disabled. Note that the Rollover component is wrapped by a link component such as the PageLink component.

If no disabled asset is specified, then image asset is used instead. A disabled Rollover does not respond to the mouse.

renderer ILinkRenderer no The object which will actually render the link.

Body: removed

Informal parameters: allowed

Reserved parameters: name, src, border


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