Tapestry Testing

This library provides a small set of base classes and utilities to make testing Tapestry related pages / components easier. TestNG is used as thefoundation for all test code. This library is based off of the original code provided by the tapestry-testng project.

All of the unit tests for the Tapestry framework use this library, so there should be an endless supply of examples simply by looking at the source of some of those here.


The following is a quick list of links / explanations for some of the libraries used.

  • TestNG Documentation - Comprehensive documentation covering uses of TestNG.
  • EasyMock Documentation - Mock object library that provides ability to test against interfaces / classes without actually having to instantiate real instances of them.
  • Selenium - Very good integration testing framework used to test your applications by launching instances of web browsers and running the suite in real environments. For ajax testing this is really the only way.