Class BindingConstants

    • Field Summary

      Modifier and Type Field Description
      static java.lang.String ASSET
      References a localized asset.
      static java.lang.String BLOCK
      References a named block within the template.
      static java.lang.String COMPONENT
      A reference to a component within the container's template, by local component id.
      static java.lang.String CONTEXT
      Binding factory for context assets specifically.
      static java.lang.String LITERAL
      Binding expression prefix used for literal strings.
      static java.lang.String MESSAGE
      A reference to a localized message from the component's message catalog (including message keys inherited from the application global message catalog).
      static java.lang.String NULLFIELDSTRATEGY
      A way of selecting a named NullFieldStrategy contributed to NullFieldStrategySource.
      static java.lang.String PROP
      Binding expression prefix used to bind to a property of the component.
      static java.lang.String SYMBOL
      References a value of a symbol.
      static java.lang.String TRANSLATE
      References a named Translator contributed to the TranslatorSource service.
      static java.lang.String VALIDATE
      References (and configures) one ore more named Validators contributed to the FieldValidatorSource service.
      static java.lang.String VAR
      Allows for temporary storage of information during the render only (may not currently be used during form submission processing).
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