Annotation Type Persist

  • @Target(FIELD)
    public @interface Persist
    Identifies a field as persistent, meaning its value persists from one request to the next. Different strategies exist for how this is accomplished, the most common being the default, "session", which stores the field's value in the Session. In most cases, the value will be omitted and will default to the empty string. This forces a search for the correct strategy. Starting with the component (or mixin) itself, a check is made for the meta data property tapestry.persistence-strategy. If a value is found, it is used, otherwise the search continues up the inheritance hierarchy, towards the page. If not found, then the "session" strategy is used. In this way, the session persistence strategy for a component and all of its sub-components can be controlled by the containing component.
    See Also:
    MetaDataLocator, PersistenceConstants, ActivationRequestParameter
    • Optional Element Summary

      Optional Elements 
      Modifier and Type Optional Element Description
      java.lang.String value
      The strategy used to persist the value.
    • Element Detail

      • value

        java.lang.String value
        The strategy used to persist the value. The default value, the empty string, allows persistence to be decided by the containing component and component hierarchy.