Class BeanModelUtils

    • Method Detail

      • modify

        public static void modify​(BeanModel model,
                                  String addPropertyNames,
                                  String includePropertyNames,
                                  String excludePropertyNames,
                                  String reorderPropertyNames)
        Performs standard set of modifications to a BeanModel . First new properties may be added, then properties removed, then properties reordered.
        model - to modifiy
        addPropertyNames - comma seperated list of property names to add, or null
        includePropertyNames - comma seperated list of property names to include
        excludePropertyNames - comma seperated list of property names to exclude, or null
        reorderPropertyNames - comma seperated list of property names to reorder, or null
      • add

        public static void add​(BeanModel model,
                               String propertyNames)
        Adds empty properties to the bean model. New properties are added with a null PropertyConduit. `
        model - to be modified
        propertyNames - comma-separated list of property names
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      • include

        public static void include​(BeanModel model,
                                   String propertyNames)
        Selects a subset of the properties to keep, and reorders them.
      • split

        public static String[] split​(String propertyNames)
        Don't use this method, which is only public for testing purposes.
        propertyNames -
        a String array