Interface Messages

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    AbstractMessages, MapMessages, MessagesImpl

    public interface Messages
    Provides access to a messages catalog, a set of properties files that provide localized messages for a particular locale. The message catalog consists of keys and values and follows the semantics of a Java ResourceBundle with some changes.
    • Method Detail

      • contains

        boolean contains​(String key)
        Returns true if the bundle contains the named key.
      • get

        String get​(String key)
        Returns the localized message for the given key. If catalog does not contain such a key, then a modified version of the key is returned (converted to upper case and enclosed in brackets).
        key -
        localized message for key, or placeholder
      • format

        String format​(String key,
                      Object... args)
        Convenience for accessing a formatter and formatting a localized message with arguments.
      • getKeys

        Returns a set of all the keys for which this instance may provide a value.
        set of keys