Class DevTool

  • public class DevTool
    extends java.lang.Object
    Renders a dropdown menu of useful options when developing. By default, the DevTool is disabled (invisible) during production. The DevTool provides the following options:
    • Reset the page state, discarding any persistent page properties
    • Kill the HttpSession (discarding any server-side state)
    • Re-render the page (useful after changing the page or template)
    • Re-render the page with rendering comments
    • Reload all pages and components: classes, messages, templates
    • Open the T5 Dashboard page in a new window
    Note that due to conflicts between Prototype and jQuery, the dev tool is hidden after selecting an item from the menu.
    Component Parameters 
    NameTypeFlagsDefaultDefault Prefix
    classString  literal
    Additional CSS selectors, e.g., "pull-right" or "dropup".
    enabledboolean  prop
    If false, then the component does not render. Defaults to true unless production mode is enabled.
    navbarboolean  prop
    If true, then the DevTool modifies its markup so as to work within a Bootstrap 3 NavBar. This renders the component as a <li> (instead of a <div>), and removes the "btn" CSS classes.
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