Class Error

  • @SupportsInformalParameters
    public class Error
    extends Object
    Provides a client-side element to contain validation errors; this renders as a <p class="help-block">. Must be enclosed by a Form component and assumes the field and the Error component are enclosed by a <div class="[form group CSS class]">, where [form group CSS class] is defined by the value of the SymbolConstants.FORM_GROUP_WRAPPER_CSS_CLASS configuration symbol (tapestry.form-group-wrapper-css-class). It is acceptable to include multiple Errors components for a single field; this is sometimes necessary when creating a responsive layout - which should probably ensure that only one of the Errors is visible at any time. Errors is optional, and Tapestry's client-side logic will do a reasonable job of placing a help block dynamically when a validation error must be presented; this component is intended for use when the default logic doesn't place the help block in the right spot.
    Component Parameters 
    NameTypeFlagsDefaultDefault Prefix
    fororg.apache.tapestry5.FieldRequired, Not Null component
    The for parameter is used to identify the Field to present errors of.
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