Class Errors

  • public class Errors
    extends Object
    Standard validation error presenter. Must be enclosed by a Form component. If errors are present, renders a <div> element around a banner message and around an unnumbered list of error messages. Renders nothing if the ValidationTracker shows no errors.
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    Component Parameters 
    NameTypeFlagsDefaultDefault Prefix
    bannerString message:core-default-error-bannerprop
    The banner message displayed above the errors. The default value is "You must correct the following errors before you may continue.".
    classString symbol:tapestry.errors-default-class-parameter-valueliteral
    The CSS class for the div element rendered by the component.
    globalOnlybooleanSince 5.4 prop
    If true, then only errors global to the form (unassociated with any specific field) are presented. By default all errors (associated with fields, or not) are presented; with unassociated errors presented first.


    The Errors component automatically connects with the Form that encloses it. Just place the component inside a Form.


    <html xmlns:t="">
            <t:label for="search"/>
            <t:textfield t:id="search"/>
            <input type="submit" value="Search"/>

    The Errors component here will display any validation errors that occur when the form is submitted.

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        protected void setUpJavaScript()
        Hook to set up JavaScript, specifically for handling the close button. Method intended to be overriden when Bootstrap isn't being used. This implementation calls javaScriptSupport.require("bootstrap/alert");.
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