Class GridColumns

  • @SupportsInformalParameters
    @Events("inplaceupdate (internal event)")
    public class GridColumns
    extends Object
    Renders out the column headers for the grid, including links (where appropriate) to control column sorting.
    Component Parameters 
    NameTypeFlagsDefaultDefault Prefix
    gridModelorg.apache.tapestry5.grid.GridModel componentResources.containerprop
    The object that provides access to bean and data models, which is typically the enclosing Grid component.
    indexint  prop
    Optional output parameter that stores the current column index.
    leanboolean  prop
    If true, then the CSS class on each TH element will be omitted, which can reduce the amount of output from the component overall by a considerable amount. Leave this as false, the default, when you are leveraging the CSS to customize the look and feel of particular columns.
    overridesorg.apache.tapestry5.PropertyOverrides thisprop
    Where to look for informal parameter Blocks used to override column headers. The default is to look for such overrides in the GridColumns component itself, but this is usually overridden.
    zoneString  prop
    If not null, then each link is output as a link to update the specified zone.

    Component Events 
    inplaceupdate(internal event)