Class ProgressiveDisplay

  • @SupportsInformalParameters
    public class ProgressiveDisplay
    extends Object
    A component used to implement the progressive enhancement web design strategy; the component renders itself with a simplified initial content (i.e., "loading ...") and an Ajax request then supplies the component's true body. This results in much faster page loads. You can even nest these! The component simply does not render its body on initial render. On the subsequent action event request, it fires a EventConstants.PROGRESSIVE_DISPLAY event to inform the container about the (optional) event context. The event handler method may return a renderable object; if not then the component's body is rendered as the partial markup response.
    Component Parameters 
    NameTypeFlagsDefaultDefault Prefix
    contextObject[]  prop
    If provided, this is the event context, which will be provided via the event.
    initialorg.apache.tapestry5.Block block:defaultInitialliteral
    The initial content to display until the real content arrives. Defaults to "Loading ..." and an Ajax activity icon.
    updateString  literal
    Name of a function on the client-side Tapestry.ElementEffect object that is invoked after the elements's body content has been updated. If not specified, then the basic "highlight" method is used, which performs a classic "yellow fade" to indicate to the user that and update has taken place.

    Component Events