Class RadioGroup

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    ClientElement, Field

    public class RadioGroup
    extends Object
    implements Field
    A wrapper component around some number of Radio components, used to organize the selection and define the property to be edited. Examples of its use are in the Radio documentation.
    Component Parameters 
    NameTypeFlagsDefaultDefault Prefix
    clientIdString prop:componentResources.idliteral
    The id used to generate a page-unique client-side identifier for the component. If a component renders multiple times, a suffix will be appended to the to id to ensure uniqueness. The uniqued value may be accessed via the clientId property.
    disabledboolean falseprop
    If true, then the field will render out with a disabled attribute (to turn off client-side behavior). Further, a disabled field ignores any value in the request when the form is submitted.
    encoderorg.apache.tapestry5.ValueEncoderRequired, Not Null prop
    A ValueEncoder used to convert server-side objects (provided by the selected Radio componnent's "value" parameter) into unique client-side strings (typically IDs) and back. Note: this parameter may be OMITTED if Tapestry is configured to provide a ValueEncoder automatically for the type of property bound to the "value" parameter.
    labelString  literal
    The user presentable label for the field. If not provided, a reasonable label is generated from the component's id, first by looking for a message key named "id-label" (substituting the component's actual id), then by converting the actual id to a presentable string (for example, "userId" to "User Id").
    validateorg.apache.tapestry5.FieldValidator  validate
    The object that will perform input validation. The validate binding prefix is generally used to provide this object in a declarative fashion.
    valueObjectRequired prop
    The property read and updated by the group as a whole.

    Component Events 

    • Method Detail

      • getLabel

        public String getLabel()
        Description copied from interface: Field
        Returns a user presentable (localized) label for the field, which may be used inside <label> elements on the client, and inside client or server-side validation error messages.
        Specified by:
        getLabel in interface Field
        the label
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      • isDisabled

        public boolean isDisabled()
        Description copied from interface: Field
        Returns true if the field is disabled; A disabled field will render a disabled attribute so that it is non-responsive on the client (at least, until its disabled status is changed on the client using JavaScript). A disabled field will ignore any value passed up in a form submit request. Care must be taken if the disabled status of a field can change between the time the field is rendered and the time the enclosing form is submitted.
        Specified by:
        isDisabled in interface Field
        true if disabled, false otherwise