Class Confirm

  • @MixinAfter
    public class Confirm
    extends Object
    A mixin that can be placed on a clickable component, such as LinkSubmit, and will raise a confirmation dialog when the element is clicked.
    Component Parameters 
    NameTypeFlagsDefaultDefault Prefix
    cancelString message:private-default-confirm-cancelliteral
    The label for the ok button.
    disabledboolean falseprop
    If true, then the mixin does nothing (no attributes added, no module imported).
    messageString message:private-default-confirm-messageliteral
    The message to present to the user in the body of the modal dialog.
    okString message:private-default-confirm-okliteral
    The label for the ok button.
    okClassString  literal
    titleString message:private-default-confirm-titleliteral
    The title for the modal dialog.
    • Constructor Detail