Class ZoneRefresh

  • @Events("refresh")
    public class ZoneRefresh
    extends java.lang.Object
    This mixin periodically refreshs a zone by triggering an event on the server using ajax requests. Server-side, the mixin triggers the "refresh" event with the mixin's context. A container may but does not need to handle the event. If the event is handled and a value is returned, that value is used to render the response. Otherwise, the Zone's body is re-rendered. Note: This mixin is only meant for a zone.
    Component Parameters 
    NameTypeFlagsDefaultDefault Prefix
    contextObject[]  prop
    Context passed to the event
    periodintRequired literal
    Period between two consecutive refreshes (in seconds). If a new refresh occurs before the previous refresh has completed, it will be skipped.

    Component Events 

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