Class HibernateGridDataSource

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    public class HibernateGridDataSource
    extends Object
    implements GridDataSource
    A simple implementation of GridDataSource based on a Hibernate Session and a known entity class. This implementation does support multiple sort constraints; however it assumes a direct mapping from sort constraint property to Hibernate property. This class is not thread-safe; it maintains internal state. Typically, an instance of this object is created fresh as needed (that is, it is not stored between requests).
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      • prepare

        public void prepare​(int startIndex,
                            int endIndex,
                            List<SortConstraint> sortConstraints)
        Prepares the results, performing a query (applying the sort results, and the provided start and end index). The results can later be obtained from getRowValue(int) }.
        Specified by:
        prepare in interface GridDataSource
        startIndex - index, from zero, of the first item to be retrieved
        endIndex - index, from zero, of the last item to be retrieved
        sortConstraints - zero or more constraints used to set the order of the returned values
      • applyAdditionalConstraints

        protected void applyAdditionalConstraints​(org.hibernate.Criteria crit)
        Invoked after the main criteria has been set up (firstResult, maxResults and any sort contraints). This gives subclasses a chance to apply additional constraints before the list of results is obtained from the criteria. This implementation does nothing and may be overridden.