Class LiteralBinding

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Binding, Binding2, AnnotationProvider, Locatable

    public class LiteralBinding
    extends AbstractBinding
    Binding type for literal, immutable values. Literal bindings are invariant; any value provided by a LiteralBinding, even if coerced, will be cached aggresively by Tapestry cmponent. LiteralBindings are often used for literal string values supplied in-line in the component template, but is used for many other things as well, any kind of fixed, read-only value.
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        public Object get()
        Description copied from interface: Binding
        Reads the current value of the property (or other resource). When reading properties of objects that are primitive types, this will return an instance of the wrapper type. In some cases, a binding is read only and this method will throw a runtime exception.