Interface ComponentTemplate

    • Method Detail

      • isMissing

        boolean isMissing()
        Returns true if no template could be found for the component.
      • isExtension

        boolean isExtension()
        Returns true if this component template is an extension of its parent class' template.
      • usesStrictMixinParameters

        boolean usesStrictMixinParameters()
        Indicates whether lax (the old default) or strict (the new default) mixin parameters are used. In strict mode, introduced with the 5.4 template DTD, mixin parameters must be qualified with the mixin name. In prior releases, Tapestry would attempt a search for a fit, and this causes ambiguities that can't be addressed.
        true if a 5.4 or later DTD
      • getExtensionPointTokens

        List<TemplateTokengetExtensionPointTokens​(String extensionPointId)
        Returns a list of tokens associated with an extension point, or null if this template neither defines the extension point nor overrides it.
        extensionPointId -
        list of tokens provided in this template, or null
      • getResource

        Resource getResource()
        Returns the resource that was parsed to form the template.
      • getTokens

        Returns a list of tokens that were parsed from the template. The caller should not modify this list.