Class IdentityAssetPathConverter

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      • isInvariant

        public boolean isInvariant()
        Description copied from interface: AssetPathConverter
        Returns true if the converter returns the exact same converted path for any specific asset path (in which case, the converted asset path may be cached in component instance variables more aggressively). This value should be false if the converted path can vary for the same input path ... that is, if external factors (such as the identity of the user, or information obtained from the request) is involved in generating the final client URI. With a CDN this can sometimes be the case, where the user's identity may indicate which CDN server to vend the asset from.
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        isInvariant in interface AssetPathConverter
      • convertAssetPath

        public String convertAssetPath​(String assetPath)
        Description copied from interface: AssetPathConverter
        Converts the default asset client URI to its final form, ready to be sent to the client. The default asset path is an absolute path (it starts with a leading slash) and incorporates the context path if any.
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        convertAssetPath in interface AssetPathConverter
        assetPath - default asset path
        assetPath unchanged