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    public interface PageLoader
    Instantiates a fully loaded, configured instance of a Tapestry page. This is a recursive process, since part of loading a page is to load the page elements for the page, many of which are components. Further, in some cases, the full component tree is not identified until after each component's template is loaded. Pages are instantiated once for each ComponentResourceSelector (prior to 5.3, once for each locale; prior to 5.1, for locale and pooled).
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        Page loadPage​(java.lang.String pageName,
                      ComponentResourceSelector selector)
        Loads the page for the indicated selector.
        pageName - the canonicalized logical name of the page, which will be made available via Page.getName() and ComponentResourcesCommon.getPageName() (for any component within the page).
        selector - Encapsulates the locale and other information used to select the component's template and message catalog resources.