Class RequestPageCacheImpl

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    java.lang.Runnable, RequestPageCache

    public class RequestPageCacheImpl
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements RequestPageCache, java.lang.Runnable
    In Tapestry 5.1, the implementation of this worked with the page pool (a pool of page instances, reserved to individual requests/threads). Page pooling was deprecated in 5.2 and removed in 5.3.
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        public void run()
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        run in interface java.lang.Runnable
      • get

        public Page get​(java.lang.String pageName)
        Description copied from interface: RequestPageCache
        Gets the page via its page name, in the current locale. The logical page name is resolved to a class name, which is used to obtain the page (from the page pool). Note that under certain circumstances, a page may have multiple names (even beyond simple case-insensitivity), and RequestPageCache caches correctly.
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        get in interface RequestPageCache
        pageName - the name of the page to retrieve (this is the logical page name, not the fully qualified class name)
        a page instance reserved for this request