Interface NumericTranslatorSupport

    • Method Detail

      • toClient

        <T extends NumberString toClient​(Class<T> type,
                                           T value)
        Converts a server-side value to a client-side string. Integer types are formatted simply; decimal types may be formatted using thousands-seperator commas.
        Type Parameters:
        T -
        type - type of value to convert
        value - current (non-null) value
        value formatted
      • getMessageKey

        <T extends NumberString getMessageKey​(Class<T> type)
        Returns the default message key for parse failures for the indicated type.
        Type Parameters:
        T -
        type -
        a message key: either "integer-format-exception" or "number-format-exception"
      • setupTranslation

        <T extends Number> void setupTranslation​(Class<T> type,
                                                 Element element,
                                                 String message)
        Adds client-side format validation for the field, appropriate to the indicated type.
        type - value type
        element -
        message - message if the client-side value can't be parsed as a number