Class IOCUtilities

  • public final class IOCUtilities
    extends Object
    A collection of utility methods for a couple of different areas, including creating the initial Registry.
    • Method Detail

      • addDefaultModules

        public static void addDefaultModules​(RegistryBuilder builder)
        Scans the classpath for JAR Manifests that contain the Tapestry-Module-Classes attribute and adds each corresponding class to the RegistryBuilder. In addition, looks for a system property named "tapestry.modules" and adds all of those modules as well. The tapestry.modules approach is intended for development. To prevent auto-loading of Manifest-defined modules the system property named "tapestry.manifest-modules-blacklist" can be used.
        builder - the builder to which modules will be added
        See Also:
        ImportModule, RegistryBuilder.add(String)