Interface ServiceLifecycle

    • Method Detail

      • createService

        java.lang.Object createService​(ServiceResources resources,
                                       ObjectCreator creator)
        Returns the same creator, or a new one, that encapsulates the creation of the core service implementation.
        resources - source of information about the service to be created, and source of additional services or other resources that may be needed when constructing the core service implementation
        creator - object capable of creating the service implementation on demand. This is a wrapper around the service's builder method.
        the service or equivalent service proxy
      • isSingleton

        boolean isSingleton()
        Returns true if the lifecycle is a singleton (a service that will only be created once). Return false if the underlying service instance may be created multiple times (for example, the ScopeConstants.PERTHREAD scope}. A future version of Tapestry IoC may optimize for the later case.
        true for singletons, false for services that can be repeatedly constructed