Class DecoratorDefImpl

    • Constructor Detail

      • DecoratorDefImpl

        public DecoratorDefImpl​(java.lang.reflect.Method decoratorMethod,
                                java.lang.String[] patterns,
                                java.lang.String[] constraints,
                                PlasticProxyFactory proxyFactory,
                                java.lang.String decoratorId,
                                java.lang.Class serviceInterface,
                                java.util.Set<java.lang.Class> markers)
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      • createDecorator

        public ServiceDecorator createDecorator​(ModuleBuilderSource moduleSource,
                                                ServiceResources resources)
        Description copied from interface: DecoratorDef
        Creates an object that can perform the decoration (in the default case, by invoking the decorator method on the module class or instance.
        Specified by:
        createDecorator in interface DecoratorDef
        moduleSource - access to the the module instance associated with the module containing the decorator (not necessarily the module containing the service being decorated)
        resources - the resources visible to the decorator (which may be in a different module than the service being decorated). Other resource properties (serviceId, serviceInterface, log, etc.) are for the service being decorated.