Class JDKUtils

  • public class JDKUtils
    extends Object
    Internal utilities for identifying the JDK version, used in the rare cases that we are patching around JDK bugs.
    • Field Detail

      • JDK_1_5

        public static final boolean JDK_1_5
        Is the running JVM JDK 1.5?
    • Method Detail

      • createLockForThreadLocalCreation

        public static Lock createLockForThreadLocalCreation()
        Deprecated in 5.4 with no replacement.
        Returns a ReentrantLock used to serialize access to the construction of a thread local; this is only needed under JDK 1.5 (due to a bug in the JDK); for other JDKs, a DummyLock is returned.
        lock to use when creating