Interface PeriodicExecutor

    • Method Detail

      • addJob

        PeriodicJob addJob​(Schedule schedule,
                           java.lang.String name,
                           java.lang.Runnable job)
        Adds a job to be executed. The job is executed in a thread pool (via ParallelExecutor.invoke(org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.Invokable)), as determined by the schedule.
        schedule - defines when the job will next execute
        name - a name used in debugging output related to the job
        job - a Runnable object that represents the work to be done
        a PeriodicJob that can be used to query when the job executes, or to cancel its execution
      • init

        void init()
        Initializes this service. Never call this method direclty. It's intended for internal Tapestry-IoC usage only.