Interface ComponentEvent

    • Method Detail

      • matches

        boolean matches​(String eventType,
                        String componentId,
                        int parameterCount)
        Returns true if the event matches the provided criteria and the event has not yet been aborted.
        eventType - the type of event (case insensitive match)
        componentId - component is to match against (case insensitive), or the empty string
        parameterCount - minimum number of context values
        true if the event matches (and has not yet been aborted)
      • coerceContext

        Object coerceContext​(int index,
                             String desiredTypeName)
        Coerces a context value to a particular type. The context is an array of objects; typically it is an array of strings of extra path information encoded into the action URL.
        index - the index of the context value
        desiredTypeName - the desired type
        the coerced value (a wrapper type if the desired type is a primitive)