Interface BindingFactory

    • Method Detail

      • newBinding

        Binding newBinding​(java.lang.String description,
                           ComponentResources container,
                           ComponentResources component,
                           java.lang.String expression,
                           Location location)
        Creates a new binding instance. The binding represents a connection between the container and the component (the component is usually the child of the component, though in a few cases, it is the component itself). In most cases, the expression is evaluated in terms of the resources of the container and the component is ignored.
        description - of the binding, such as, "parameter foo"
        container - the component, as represented by its resources, for which a binding is to be created.
        component - the component whose parameter is to be bound by the resulting binding (rarely used)
        expression -
        location - from which the binding was generate, or null if not known
        the new binding instance