Interface ComponentDefaultProvider

    • Method Detail

      • defaultLabel

        java.lang.String defaultLabel​(ComponentResources resources)
        Computes the default label for the component (which will generally be a Field).
        resources -
        the label, either extracted from the component's container's message catalog, or derived from the component's ComponentResourcesCommon.getId().
      • defaultBinding

        Binding defaultBinding​(java.lang.String parameterName,
                               ComponentResources resources)
        Checks to see if the container of the component (identified by its resources) contains a property matching the component's id. If so, a binding for that property is returned. This is usually the default for a Field's value parameter (or equivalent).
        parameterName - the name of the parameter
        resources - the resources of the component for which a binding is needed
        the binding, or null if the container does not have a matching property
      • defaultValueEncoder

        ValueEncoder defaultValueEncoder​(java.lang.String parameterName,
                                         ComponentResources resources)
        Gets or creates a value encoder based on the type of the named parameter. ValueEncoders are cached based on type.
        parameterName - the name of the parameter whose type is used to locate a ValueEncoderFactory
        resources - the resources of the component, from which parameter and its type are extracted
        the value encoder, or null if the type of the parameter is not known