Interface PersistentFieldStrategy

    • Method Detail

      • postChange

        void postChange​(String pageName,
                        String componentId,
                        String fieldName,
                        Object newValue)
        Posts a change of a persistent property.
        pageName - the name of the page containing the component
        componentId - the nested id path of the component (or null for the page's root component)
        fieldName - the name of the field whose persistent value has changed
        newValue - the new value for the field, possibly null
      • discardChanges

        void discardChanges​(String pageName)
        Discards any saved changes for the name page. There is no expectation that data already gathered from the strategy and presumably dumped into component instance fields will be affected, but future field access (within this request or a later one) will show no data for the indicated page.
        pageName - logical name of page whose field persistent data should be discarded