Interface RequestExceptionHandler

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    public interface RequestExceptionHandler
    Service invoked when an uncaught exception occurs. The error handler is responsible for providing a response to the user to describe the error. The default implementation accepts the configuration, which maps an exception class to a corresponding helper. The helper is either an instance of ExceptionHandlerAssistant or is a Class for a page that will be redirected to, to present the exception.
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      • handleRequestException

        void handleRequestException​(java.lang.Throwable exception)
        Responsible for handling the error in some way and providing some response to the client. A default implementation may render an error response page. The handler is also responsible for setting the response status and the X-Tapestry-ErrorMessage response header. These are very important in Ajax requests to allow the client-side logic to detect the error and present it to the user.
        exception - uncaught exception to be reported