Interface ResourceDigestGenerator

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    public interface ResourceDigestGenerator
    Deprecated in 5.4 with no replacement; see release notes about classpath assets moving to /META-INF/assets/, and content checksums inside asset URLs
    Responsible for determining which classpath resources require checksums, and for generating checksums for such resources. The service's configuration identifies which file extensions will be secured using an checksum. The default list (in Tapestry 5.3) is "class" and "tml". Note that in 5.4, there are no longer any contributions to this service by Tapestry, and that the service is not normally instantiated: it is maintained for backwards compatibility, in case applications or third-party modules make a contribution.
    See Also:
    ClasspathResource, ClasspathAssetFactory
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      • requiresDigest

        boolean requiresDigest​(String path)
        Examines the path (typically, the file name extension at the end of the path) to determine if a checksum is required for the path. The path is Resource style, without a leading slash. As of Tapestry 5.4, simply returns false.
      • generateDigest

        String generateDigest​(URL url)
        Reads the content of a URL (presumably, for a resource on the classpath) and generates a digest of its content. This digest will be incorporated into the URL provided to the client, to verify that the client has been "granted" access to this resource. This is only used for resources where requiresDigest(String) is true. As of Tapestry 5.4, simply returns null.
        url -
        the digest for the resource