Interface StreamableResourceSource

    • Method Detail

      • fileExtensionsForContentType

        java.util.Set<java.lang.String> fileExtensionsForContentType​(ContentType contentType)
        Given a desired content type, identify which file extensions can be mapped to that extension based on contributed ResourceTransformers that can produce the content type based for a file with that extension.
        contentType - to search for (just a MIME type, such as "text/javascript")
        set of file extension, possibly empty, in no particular order. These are the bare extensions, e.g., "js", "coffee".
      • getStreamableResource

        StreamableResource getStreamableResource​(Resource baseResource,
                                                 StreamableResourceProcessing processing,
                                                 ResourceDependencies dependencies)
        Converts a Resource (which must be non-null and exist) into a streamable resource, along with some additional optional behaviors.
        baseResource - the resource to convert
        processing - defines additional processing after the resource has been read and possibly transformed
        dependencies - Passed to any ResourceTransformer to track additional dependencies of the base resource
        the contents of the Resource, possibly transformed, in a streamable format.
        Throws: - if the resource does not exist or a URL for the content is not available