Interface ModuleManager

    • Method Detail

      • writeInitialization

        void writeInitialization​(Element body,
                                 List<String> libraryURLs,
                                 List<?> inits)
        Invoked by the internal DocumentLinker service to write the initializations (as per JavaScriptSupport.require(String) into the page; this occurs after the module infrastructure has been written into the page, along with the core libraries.
        body - <body> element of the page, to which new <script> element(s) will be added.
        libraryURLs - additional libraries that should be dynamically loaded before evaluating the inits
        inits - specify initialization on the page, based on loading modules, extacting functions from modules, and invoking those functions
      • findResourceForModule

        Resource findResourceForModule​(String moduleName)
        Given a module name (which may be a path of names separated by slashes), locates the corresponding Resource. First checks for contributed shim modules, then searches for possible matches among the defined library names. As a special case, the folder name "app" is mapped to the application's package.
        moduleName - name of module to locate
        corresponding resource, or null if not found