Interface TransformationSupport

    • Method Detail

      • toClass

        Class toClass​(String typeName)
        typeName - Java type name (which may be a primitive type or array, or fully qualified class name)
        corresponding Java Class
      • isRootTransformation

        boolean isRootTransformation()
        Returns true if the class being transformed is a root class: it does not inherit from another transformed class, but instead inherits from Object.
        true if root
      • addEventHandler

        void addEventHandler​(String eventType,
                             int minContextValues,
                             String operationDescription,
                             ComponentEventHandler handler)
        Adds an event handler. Added event handlers execute before calls to super-class event handlers, or calls to event handler methods.
        eventType - type of event
        minContextValues - number of context values required to activate the handler
        operationDescription - Used with OperationTracker when invoking the handler
        handler - code to execute when the event matches