Class RandomDataSource

  • public final class RandomDataSource
    extends Object
    Provides access to random data that can be used when populating a test database with "reasonable" data. The majority of this is access to random words from an american english dictionary, which can be strung together to form names, sentences and paragraphs.
    • Method Detail

      • maybe

        public boolean maybe​(int percent)
      • random

        public int random​(int min,
                          int max)
      • word

        public String word()
        Returns a random word frm the dictionary. These words are usually all lowercase.
      • capitalizedWord

        public String capitalizedWord()
        Returns a random word, capitalized. Useful when create random names.
      • safeWord

        public String safeWord()
        Returns a word that is "safe" for use in an email address.
      • oneOf

        public <T> T oneOf​(T... values)
        Returns a random value from the list of values supplied.
      • oneOf

        public <T extends Enum> T oneOf​(Class<T> enumClass)
        Returns a random enum value, given the enum type.
      • wordList

        public String wordList​(int minWords,
                               int maxWords,
                               boolean asSentence)
        Creates a space-separated list of random words. If in sentence form, then the first word is capitalized, and a period is appended.
        minWords - minimun number of words in the list
        maxWords - maximum number of words in the list
        asSentence - if true, the output is "dressed up" as a non-sensical sentence
        the word list / sentence
      • paragraph

        public String paragraph​(int minSentences,
                                int maxSentences,
                                int minWords,
                                int maxWords)
        Strings together a random number of word lists (in sentence form) to create something that looks like a paragraph.
        minSentences - per paragraph
        maxSentences - per paragraph
        minWords - per sentence
        maxWords - per sentence
        the random paragraph